The ultimate dress – wedding daydreams

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It occured to me today that I can`t do a styleblog without talking about the ultimate dress – my wedding dress!

My sweetheart and I have been together for nine years this January, going on our sixt year as married, and lately I have been thinking about our wedding day.

To start off this post I can`t resist sharing this hilarious pic of a happy couple roaring off to the rest of their lives in style:

Getting married is a big deal -and problably the most deeply romantic thing I have ever done. Promising to share my life with my man felt joyous, sacred and peaceful, allthough there was nothing peaceful about the day itself :). We celebrated our love big time, with tons of family and friends partying bosnian-norwegian-style! (driving through the streets hooooonking the horns -check, LOTS of food -check, gipsy music -check, dancing on the tables – .. ok, maybe not on the tables, they were hired and made of plastic (hehe), but there WAS plenty of rocking and shaking our stuff!! ..and finally, truckloads of fun -check.)
I designed my wedding dress myself and my kind mum had a seamstress sow it for me. I found the silky pink dress material and the lace for my weil in one of my fave fabricshops at Grønland, Oslo. I sometimes take the dress out when I want to remember -or put on my veil when doing the dishes (what?! I hate housework, daydreaming of being Rapunzel helps!)

I`ll never get the stains from people stepping on my train out, and yes, I have considered cutting it off and turning the wedding dress into a party dress, but I shant. Unless I hit a dry creative spell. A really dry one. Or just really want a pink partydress. (I suggested that I wear it as it is to my sisters wedding if she decides to say I do some day, but surprisingly, that turned out to be a no-go. Partydress it is!)

Detail of the buttoned back, with a glimpse of the veil

Detail of the trumpet sleeves, with buttons and lace lining

My bouquet was made from dozens of pink and white roses

So, five years of married life on, what wisdom can I share with you?

1 Develop your sense of humour!
2 Enjoy the everyday pleasures of living together
3 Forgive eachother when you make it absolutely impossible to enjoy the everyday pleasures of
living together
4 Don`t live by other peoples advice (time for me to shut it :) )
5 Get married to each other all over again! (Honey, are you reading this? ;) )
Much as I love my wedding dress, if and when we decide to remarry I`ll go for something more sassy, complementing my belief that at 30 I still got it going on (I get better with age I tell you, and you`d better agree, the same has to go for you as well my sisters haha). For what it`s worth, I actually do believe that.
Here`s what I`d wear saying I DO today. And every day. Love you ljubavi moj.
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xoxo Anika

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