Apricot delights

by byanika on 12/01/2010 · 2 comments

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I absolutely love apricots, both to savour on hot summer days, and their delicious colour.
Last night I picked up a bargain apricot delight.. a feathery blouse with powersleeves sized 34:

Blouse from H&M

Detail of the pointy shoulder and sleeve

Detail of the buttoned velvet back

Having been around the block a time or several I quickly realized that while the shape of this blouse would be very elegant on a size 34, on me — let`s just say that on me it would have a different effect all together :) .. but nevermind that. I fell in love with the fabric, and when I picked it up I saw.. a bolerojacket!

This is often how it works with me, I see what could BE.. does that sometimes indicate that I need glasses? Yes. Does it also provide me with personal designs that mean something to me? Absolutely. And even when I don`t manage to create what I envisioned, it sure is fun. Besides, this girl can never have to many blouse-come-cushions/scarves/hairbands -depending on how badly I`ve screwed up my attempted design ;)

Here`s my newly cut bolerojacket with its back reborn as the neckline:

Bolerojacket with jewlery from H&M

Juicy delights

Delicious textures coming together sweetly
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1 Jc Popplewell (helicopter game)No Gravatar February 6, 2011 at 9:22 pm

I really want to get my greasy paws on this! I can already feel my GPA going down until I complete the game!


2 Play Horse GamesNo Gravatar February 7, 2011 at 8:53 pm

I really want to get my hands on this delicious piece of kit. I can tell I’ll be getting minimal sleep until I conquer the game!!


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