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Tomorrow I`m enjoying the farewell tour of the glorious Riverdance company with my familiy (thanks mum!). I can`t wait, I absolutely love dance, and I still remember seing the company completely upstage the Eurovisions competers when they blasted on to the stage in the break, dancing their way into an incredibly successful carrier on the world stage.
In college my friends and I paid tribute to this dance fenomenon when we riverdanced at a school concert. The effect on the audience was tangible, but in hindsight that may have had something to do with the slightly unfortunate green costumes we were flying about in :)
About ten years ago my family and I saw their show, and I tell you, I was absolutely jumping in my seat (it was a seated concert, and while I`m on the topic: what is that about! The people (me) need to move and groove!!). The dancing and the music was every bit as amazing as I had hoped, and the moment has stayed with me since. No pressure or anything, but I hope for nothing less tomorrow.
So, on to what to wear to such an occasion. Today I picked up this sequined rayon top, whose shape doesn`t do anything for me at all, but whose colours I fell in love with. So, off came most of the fabric, leaving me with a colourful top perfect for the dancefloor -and seatjumping.
Sequined top from H&M

Reworked sequined top mixed with a reworked white dress, belted boots, a keychain-come-neckless… and lots of bling!

Detail of the delicious pinks and greens

Detail of the contrasting colours and materials

Speaking of Riverdance, do you remember their first star dancer? If not, let me introduce you to Michael Flatley: amazing dancer, complete showoff, devoid of a sense of humour about himself.

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He soon left the Riverdance company to start his own company called Lord of the Dance (understated, no?), and begun competing with the Riverdance company. Let`s just say it wasn`t his best career move. Anyways, I only bring this up because it brings me to one of my other all time life-impacting moments: Seing the glorious performance that Stavros and his lovely son gave us on Britains got talent! Presenting…. STAVROS FLATLEY!!!

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Seing Stavros and his son absolutely nail Flatleys attitude and dance their socks off Greek style, with such charm and carisma, left me screaming with laughter and pure joy – and still does every time I watch the clip. I tell you, this is on a need-to-see-basis!!!! I am eternally grateful to Michael Flatley for inspiring Stavros to take Riverdance to the ultimate level! ;))))))
Take a deep breath and get ready for Riverdance goes Greek at
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