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by byanika on 28/01/2010 · 2 comments

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It has to be said that my number one romantic stud is my husbond :) (thanks for our nine years together ljubavi! )

My number two favourite take on studs gone romantic combines two of my great fashion loves:

Soft pink….

… and studs baby! (On everything!) (No need to go there people, what kind of girl do you take me for!?) (… right. No comment hahha)

A while back I picked up a smashing long studded pink jacket, that quickly became a vest when I chopped off the sleeves to make room for my rococo-style arms :). I also changed the shape of the jacket turned vest by cutting off some of the length, leaving me with a glamorous bolero-type shape with long lapels. Here`s how I`m working my romantic stud tomorrow (hey.. we already had this talk, right! Oh, forget it; hoooooooney ;))))) )
Pink studded vest mixed with brown dress, studded neckless, brown ring and headband


Detail of studded neckless and vest

Studs and fake feathers all the way

You know how trends come and go? Personally, I`ll stick to a trend as long as I want to, having fun bringing it up to date, but let me tell you, the studded fashion ain`t going nowhere yet, it still has an other season in it, so it`s not to late for you to bring the stud to your own closet,romantically- or whichever way you fancy (…) (!!!) (;) )


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