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by byanika on 29/01/2010 · 4 comments

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One week after starting my blog I was contacted by the fabulous Editor -in-Chief of the fashion magazine Skorch with a very exiting proposal: Would I like to join their great venture as a Fashion Editor? (!!!!) (Um, YES!) (No point playing hard to get there ;) ).
The filosofy of Skorch magazine is one that I can whole-heartedly get behind; trendy fashion for full-figured women.. (work them curves, my honeys!). I love what the mag is doing, mirroring back a positive image of women everywhere, showcasing how lovely we all are, just as we are (is that a “hell -YES/hallelujah” I hear?)
You know, finding a way to accept -and even love ourselves and our shape can be one massive challenge, but celebrating ourselves in style and not apologizing for being who we are can bring such healing and zest for life. To me, the possibility of getting to that place makes the tough process of being the best me that I can be worth it.
And also, I find that chocolate helps along the way. ;)
Make sure you check out the sizzeling style at or check out the Skorch-group on Facebook. Hot!
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