New sandals,please! Cheers!

by byanika on 24/05/2010 · 4 comments

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My homemade studded sandals
Summer has arrived, bringing with it lovely sunny days and the annual “Shit, what to wear”-moment :) Sound familiar?
I adore summer, but let`s just say that the season brings plenty of opportunities to practice the art of self acceptance. I got out of my I-am-curvy-and-hot-and-bothered-and-don`t-know-how-to-dress-for-summer-without-feeling-unconfomfortably-curvy-period by getting back in charge, and first on the list was sandals!
I didn`t have any really (and I really can`t get to many shoes, all though my sweetheart seems to think otherwise.. but nevermind :) ).
So, there was nothing else to do but make my own pair!

Here is what I used to create my new sandals:
 I stripped a tired pair of espadrillos, used a waistband from a vest for straps and embellished the straps with studs from a neckline of a dress….
…and hey presto!
I love the slightly rough look of the straps with the studs. They`re also comfy to wear, and took me about an hour to make.
Here I am trying them out in a black dress of my own design that I also spruced up recently with taupe shoulder embelishments from a taupe sweateer-come-bolero-that now has gone to bolero heaven. :)
Here`s the bolero after I cut it to shape from a top, but before I removed the shoulders and tossed the rest of it.
Here are the fancy shoulders glitzying up this basic black dress
Detail of the taupe and black dazzle
Tell me dear fashionistas, what are your staples for summer?
xoxo Anika
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