These arms are made for hugging, and that`s just what they`ll do!

by byanika on 26/06/2010 · 7 comments

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Today I enjoyed another lovely day in sunny and warm Oslo with my sugarpie and lovely friends and my handsome brother :). Gay parade, parklife, endeless coffeshops, shopping, peoplewatching and lots of snuggeling up to my sweetheart, oh happy holiday!
My outfit changed during the day, as I added my new earrings and black sheer top (that I cut to size in the dressing room LOL -ignoring the funny looks from the shopgirl :D) (both Vero Moda),
and my latest scarf (H&M). The rest of the outfit was a white dress that I sewed from two dresses (Vero Moda),bangle (H&M), peacock head dress (Indiska),
taupe studded sandals (DNA) 
and studded bag from New York, USA, honey!
(I`ve never been, but my fab sis has! <3)

I have always been very shy about my body, and have spent years working on loving my self, or at least not letting my looks hold me back. I`m still not fully there, all though funnily enough I feel better at nude beaches than in a swimsuit LOL, Rubens in sunset etc, do you get the picture? LOL. Oh dear. Anyways, I am out of my black tents, showing off part of my legs (very risque, I know..), over the whole double-chin thing (chin` chin`! ;D), and even wearing sandals (hooooold the phone!!). I do realize this is all in my head, and that other people probably don`t get shocked be seing me swaying down the streets (that really is the only way to walk with these hips)..but as you probably find your selves, self perception can be a funny thing, even when you are blessed with a husbond and friends and family who are supportive, like I thankfully am.
 So, my latest groundbreaking project is this:
I`m working on not covering my arms up like I used to! After some practise I am happy to report that I am getting to a point where I am feeling more comfortable with these chubby and freakled arms of mine.
 I don`t have a muscle to save my life, but, and this is where the confidence by choice-approach of mine comes in handy; these loving arms are very good for hugging!  ;D!
So, lots of warm hugs all around for you sweetheart readers of mine that I appreciate so!
xoxo Anika
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