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by byanika on 30/06/2010 · 9 comments

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Thank you so much Jennifer, for giving me this award!
It really means so much to me, coming from you, and that you included me
with the other fab ladies you awarded the prize to.
It has become one of my daily reads, and I`m sure you`ll see what I mean,
once you go Jasifers Lions Club -you don`t go back ;D
Here are the four stylish ladies I would love to give a shout-out to today.
Let`s have five stylish facts, you fashionistas you! :) xx
Kittehinfurs style is pure poetry. Adore this girl!

This girl just blows me away with her fierce style, in fashion and as a person!
The style of Curvy Girl Chic is totally cute!
On to the five stylish facts about petit moi:
1. I once wore my long hair in a ponytail for several months after my mum mistakenly cut
a huge chunk of my hair in the back when trimming the egdes.
(I heard her gasp, and waved goodbye to my teen dreams of being irresistable as they floated away with the hair on the bathroom floor LOL)
(I love you mum)
2. I had a thing for MC Hammers golden pants, and was very happy when I found that my boyfriend in 5.grade not only shared my interest in them but also OWNED a pair,
that he would whip out for special occasions!
(I am talking a game of ping pong or holding hands, you understand LOL)
3. I am considering getting a full set of hear- and wrist-bands for workouts (think early Bjørn Borg),
hoping this glorious get-up will motivate me to get my ass into workout-mode.
(or into walking-to-a-coffeshop-mode, as Alex observantly noted today)
4. I love watching Trinny and Susannah
(It`s not about the size, let`s work your shape daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahling!)
5. I am a pacifist vegetarian, but I confess, I love a man in uniform! LOL
xoxo Anika
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