Posing before the heavens danced

by byanika on 13/07/2010 · 9 comments

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Hello sweethearts!
Let me say that I am thinking of you all! :)
Here`s me posing in the dusk late last night, before the heavens opened up with the most
amazing insane thunder and lightning-storm! A thousand lightning-bolts pr. hour! On top of our heads!
It was bloody brilliant LOL
Alex was sensible, closing windows and turning of gadjets, where as me, I was enthralled with the beautiful lightning and the sounds and the rains absolutely crashing down, screaming with joy and wanting more!!
Jiiiiihaaaaaaaaaa ! Geronimoooooooooooooooooooo!
(you get the pic, not so dignified, def in touch with my playful self LOL)
Lot`s of trees took a hard hitting, but thankfully no one got hurt, so I feel I can show you some beautiful
pics of the heavens dancing below.
First, a quick note about the outfit (if you can see it)
I went for a muted look yesterday (love my basics) and blinged it up big time with a
statement neckless which actually came from the neckline of a dress. I absolutely love
all the studs, but I do realize that it might be a tad much on top of the runaways
(Thelma and Louise, if you catch my drift.. ehem LOL),
but, nevermind that, I`ll bloody well wear it anyways, if I ever get mugged it`ll come in
handy for all sorts of things.
Also, still not really loving my arms, but at least they`re out there.
So, to summarize:
Brown dress, my design
Cut of white blouse, H&M
Statement neckless
Various bangles
Grey sandals that I reworked with fabric at the toes, Zara
Now to last nights show that literally came out of nowhere:
Wanna dance?
xxx Anika
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