Taking matching to the next level

by byanika on 15/07/2010 · 3 comments

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I have been thinking of this idea I had of doing a post on how
my wardrobe and interiour mirror each other,
but just had to do a quick one on how I might have taken matching to the next
level by making clothes and pillows from the same fabric, LOL!
There may be a diagnose for this!!?
Let`s just say I am blessed with a man who just let`s me
get on with my insanities LOL.
I guess it`s an example of the quote I posted on FB today:
It`s not about having a connection with the perfect person,
the point is having a perfect connection with an imperfect person.
Bless his heart, hahahha.
from me in the sofa with all of my 30 pillows!
(Yes, I did count them)
(And yes, I probably will make more soon LOL)
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