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Today it is my pleasure to spread the love for the lovely Jessica of Fatshion Chic!
Jessica is the owner/publisher of Skorch magazine, and now she is also running her own blog!
Thanks for taking part Jessica!
Could you share with us your thoughts on fashion vs fatshion?
These are two VERY different worlds. For me, fatshion really begins at size 20+. I have been every size between 12 and 30, and I truly understand how a woman feels when she’s at the larger end of the spectrum. This is why I focus my blog on styles and ideas for bigger ladies like me.
What is your philosophy with regard to fashion?

Honestly, get ideas from someone else, but KNOW YOUR BODY. I know what will and won’t work, and while I do envy some styles that I feel don’t work for me, they are fantastic on other ladies. Keep to your personal style and never try to be like someone else. Our style is our way of showing our personality, it’s the cover to our book, so be you and be the best version of you.

I would love for you to share three of your fave looks.

pic 1- I loved this outfit so much because I feel it liberated me. I decided to ignore the stereotypes about my body and wear shorts! LOL sounds silly, but wearing shorts is a big deal when you grow up hating your fat knees or legs, and truly it’s usually only in our own heads.

pic 2 – This dress is the best thing to ever happen to my body. I have lots of dresses but the reason I love this one so much is 1) length – perfectly past my knee 2) color – the grey is shimmery and fantastic 3) fabric -the feel of the fabric is perfection. I feel like a million dollars in this dress.

pic 3- I’m a mom and most of the time I can’t wear heels and dresses, so when I want to feel cool yet comfy – my go to outfit is usually Old Navy Plus size. These jeans are so cool, yet comfy and the Old Navy Polos are my absolutely favorite. I love the cut of the arms – shorter is better, the length is perfect for my body type – not a tunic and I love the bright colors! Especially when the collar is a pop collar – definitely appropriate since I POP my collar?! LOL

How does blogging impact your life?
It’s keep my accountable. If I didn’t blog, I would probably slack a lot more with my fashion!
Do you have a message for all the fashionloving ladies out there, whatever their size?
Gather style inspiration from everywhere, then learn to translate for YOUR body. After that, you need to perfect your shopping skills by learning how to find the nuggets of fabulous in the most unlikely places!
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