Need a pop of colour? Check the lining of your belt!

by byanika on 28/07/2010 · 14 comments

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Hello sweethearts!
Today I enjoyed a lovely day hanging out at a piazza for hours with friends and fam :)
Did you have a good day?
Todays outfit
Zebra dress, my design (I made it from a maxi dress that did nothing for me, and today I added the lining of a leather belt for a pop of colour to the dress)
Leopard bolero, my design (made from a scarf)
Fringe earrings, my design
Neckless, Accessorize (restrung on parcelstring)
Bag, Zara
Bangle, ring and leopard glasses, H&M
Sandals, bought in Croatia (they broke soon after, leaving me walking the streets barefoot for hours :D )
The dress before…
…and after.
I have to show you a pic of my handsome brother Thomas rocking my bonkers glasses!
Now this is one confident man! LOL
Sending all of you out there lots of love from me!
You are all in my <3
xxx Anika
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