My take on sailor chic/ Screw the dont`s of fashion

by byanika on 31/07/2010 · 11 comments

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Hi sweethearts!
I guess this is as close I`ll get to sailor chic this summer LOL
I finally decided I can wear horizontal stripes! :D I felt a bit shy about it before, but, honestly,
there are so many rules about what to wear and not, and I am so tired of all the dont`s (for plus size women).
I break the rules all the time I`m sure, I wear all kinds of crazy patterns, I wear darker tops and lighter bottoms, I wear sequins to work, and now I also wear horizontal stripes LOL
I say screw the dont`s, I`d much rather subsribe to all the do`s!
Do know your shape, and do wear a good bra.
Do have fun with fashion!
Do embrace your self, regardless!
Do break all those silly rules if you want to!
Do make sure to not take crap from anyone!
The outfit:
Stripey bolero, Cubus (almost untouched by me I swear, I only removed the golden buttons on it LOL)
Brown dress, my design (with stains from the pizza I enjoyed today ;D)
Neckless, Accessorize
Bag, Zara
Earrings, Vero Moda
Ring and scarf, H&M
Bangle, one of mums that she got in Paris when we lived there 30 years ago)
Sandals, DNA
Tell me, what are your thoughts on the do`s and dont`s of fashion?
xxx Anika
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