My scarf/tee-dress is now a scarf and a different dress / Embracing imperfection

by byanika on 03/08/2010 · 11 comments

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Hi sweethearts!
Remember the dress above that I made from a scarf and a tee a couple of weeks ago?
Yesterday I decided to change it up, so I sewed a dress from that tee and a coat from H&M instead.
I took my own pics today, sorry for the poor quality, but I wanted to say hi anyways, and accepting inperfection is a great lesson in life no?
I find I am learning to accept my self more, I do it by pushing my self to go where I need to -but am afraid to venture, be it not holding in my tummy anymore, daring to dance when listening to street-performers,
accepting that I make mistakes or owning that I am voulnerable as hell.
I am me, I can`t be nobody else, and lately I don`t want to be either.
You`ve read it here before, but it`s worth repeating:
It`s not about having a connection with a perfect person,
it`s all about having a perfect connection with an imperfect person.
When I think about it, that also goes for our relationship with our selves, don`t you think?
Let`s be kind to our selves. 
Sending each one of you big hugs!
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