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Today I am very happy to spread the love for the lovely Lizzie of Polkadotrainbows!
This girl is every bit as sweet as her blogs name!
Thanks for taking part, Lizzie! <3
Here we go:
Could you share with us your thoughts on fashion vs fatshion?

I’ve always thought of fashion as something that can be inspiring, another text for style inspiration, like art, music and so on. It is both positive and negative – its exciting but also exclusive if you’re not a certain body shape or can’t afford to buy the ‘newest’ trend. I like to pick and choose trends according to what I like, but I’ve always felt that style is more important – finding what works for you and your daily life, what makes you feel good. Fatshion is all about inclusivity – body acceptance, what real women are wearing, unique styles and pushing for our right to wear clothes that fit, look good, and are stylish. Fatshion is about learning to love your body and your shape – no matter what the size label says. For me, Fatshion is freedom and celebrates liberation from the shackles of western society. It is about sharing this acceptance of yourself with the rest of the world, and inspiring other fat/curvy/rotund women and men to view their bodies in a positive way.

What is your philosophy with regard to fashion?

I wear what I want to wear, and what makes me feel good. There is no point following trends if you don’t like them – create your own style and be unique. I’m inspired by all kinds of things – music, art, other bloggers, my moods, films, past eras. I’m not sure so much whether I have a fixed ‘type’ of style – I believe that style evolves and changes over time in different periods of your life. At the moment I deal in extremes – either feminine with pastels or edgy with dark colours! My staples are cardigans, boyfriend jeans, longline tunics and tees. I think having a choice of accessories, shoes and bags helps to mix things up – if you have a lot of basic pieces, interesting accessories can jazz things up.

I would love for you to share three of your fave looks.

This summer, I’ve really enjoyed wearing the ASOS white lace dress, which I know pretty much everyone has seen on different blogs! I’ve worn it with black leggings and carved flower earrings, and on another occasion wore it with black tights and a black cardigan. I like the monochrome look! Sometimes a dress doesn’t need a lot of accessorizing, but the best thing about this dress is that it looks great with all kinds of looks – you can dress it up or down and wear it as a tunic over jeans/trousers.

I also have a black lace skater dress from Evans which I haven’t posted on my blog about yet, but I’m excited about taking photos and sharing it with everyone. I’ve fallen for lace in a big way and its been creeping into my wardrobe over the past year.

I’ve also posted about the burnout birdcage t-shirt I bought from Evans – its whimsical and light and perfect for wearing with boyfriend jeans. I tend to layer things up which is awkward in summer when its so hot, but its great in the autumn and winter. I wear things in my wardrobe all year around by layering them. I get more wear per item that way, especially if something was expensive.

How does blogging impact your life?

I’m a writer, so blogging has completely changed my life. I started blogging at http://catsandchocolate.wordpress.com in 2007, and still blog there. Part of my journey towards Fatshion and size acceptance started with being a passionate feminist and disability rights advocate (because I’m deaf). All these things are bound up together – marginalized bodies having a voice and being vocal and visible. Fatshion is amazing – we are all part of a movement and community who want to change the way fat and curvy bodies are seen by the world, not just in fashion and plus size fashion. One of the most important things a woman can do is accept herself and her body, with all its imperfections and quirks. My fatshion blog (http://polkadotrainbows.wordpress.com) sprung up from a need to express something, to learn to accept my body, even though sometimes its been difficult. I love clothes and fashion, and feel that its another way to express ourselves, just like any other medium of expression.

Do you have a message for all the fashion loving ladies out there, whatever their size?

Don’t be afraid to try new things, to find your own style. After all, style comes from experimentation! Accepting yourself is a journey, it might take a long time, but its worth it when you get there. Remember that everyone is different – we’re all unique and have different ways of seeing the world.

To read my motivation for starting this series and to enjoy more features go to the Spreading the love-Page.
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