Sequin tie/ Humble pie

by byanika on 07/09/2010 · 14 comments

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Hi Sweethearts!
Let me say how much I appreciate you guys! Reading your comments I feel warm at heart,
like hearing from friends :) you mean so much to me! Let`s all meet! Oslo might surprise you ;D
You know, I don`t always have something new to show you, and seing as how I don`t have a big bugdet I don`t have all kinds of fancy shoes or a huge wardrobe, but I figure if you want to
take a look you are welcome :).
This blogging-business is so much fun, but I do feel shy about it too,
questioning if I really have something to offer. Do you ever feel like that?
A bit of humble pie is a good thing, especially mixed with a bit of spunk.
And I do have spunk! LOL
Anyways, today I wore a favourite ensemble, mixed with a sequined scarf worn as a tie.
The outfit:
Dress, my design (made from a scarf)
Bolero, my design (made from a scarf)
Sequin scarf, have no idea where I got it
Booties, Nilson
Ring, Lindex
Bangle, H&M
Kisses and hugs all around!
xxx Anika
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