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Hi Sweethearts.
I am writing this post with tears in my eyes.
This weekend I lost a grandmother. My family lost an amazing source of strength and inspiration.
The design community – in Norway and internationally- lost the grande dame of design.
My grandmother was Grete Prytz Kittelsen.
If you grew up in Scandinavia chances are that you used her designs every day.
Grete never boasted about all of her accomplishments, so neither will I.
She was happy that her designs were used, then – and now as collectors items.
She was a wonderful woman.
If you would like to read more about Grete and her lifes work you can do it here and here.
The news are all over the press now, and it makes the grief even stronger,
but it also is a fitting tribute to her lifes work.

My family and I were fortunate to see her one last time, to say goodbye.
I debated with my self to pause blogging, but, you know, I think she would have wanted me to go on with my life, to continue being creative.
She was not a sentimental woman, she was all about her work, all about creating and looking forward.
She was an amazing inspiration to me and loosing her has hit me harder then I expected.
Still, I am glad to share her work with you.


Grete photographed by Vouge in the 1960`s.
xxx Anika

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