Celebrating the women in my life

by byanika on 16/10/2010 · 16 comments

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Hi Sweethearts!
Are you having a good weekend?
Thank you all so much for leaving me such wonderful comments, I love when you share with me!
Today was all about the women of my family.
I threw my mum a birthday party at ours, lovingly celebrating her.
I also said goodbye to my little sister before she`s going on a several months long adventure globetrotting.
I couldn`t be prouder of her, and I miss her so much already
(we only said goodbye an hour ago :D)
Here is my outfit du jour:

Dress, H&M and reworked by me
Bolero, my design
Watch, ICE
Scarf, Zara
Hairglitz, Lindex
Booties, Nilson
With all the patterns going on I kept the rest minimal.
All though, the head band probably isn`t really minimal, is it. Actually nothing about this outfit is minimal (LOL), but I still maintain it is quite restrained while crazily patterned. :D!

Now to the comic-relief part of this post.

My sis took these pics, but wasn`t really happy with my poses, so she wanted some ACTION!
I felt like a complete idiot jumping about in the street, but I will stop at almost nothing for her (and you guys),
so here it is, me in action, literally.
(I would like to point out that I am built for comfort, not speed.)
(And that I am becoming aware that pic one and three might be what I look like at the dancefloor, and that the second just seems like going against nature LOL)

I love birthdays. And my mum. It`s a good combination :)

I love my sis.
She is cool in a way that I could never be, we ying and yang a lot, she has a heart of gold,
is stubborn as hell, is my best friend,
is a beautiful soul, 
and shares that loud surprisingly masculine-sounding-traffic-stopping-laughter that I have been blessed with.

Want to tell me about the women in your life?
xxx Anika
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