The joy in the everyday moments

by byanika on 02/11/2010 · 16 comments

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Hi Sweethearts!
Thank you all so much for your comments!
You know how changing our thoughts changes our lives?
Today I have been thinking about the little things that gave me joy during this ordinary Tuesday:
Black coffee first thing in the morning
A hug from a lovely collegue
Thinking about you guys
Having a councelling session with a pupil turn into a dance off with Rihannas latest hit blasting in my office (he is 12 and put my moves to shame, but I did walk the dog very nicely thank you very much LOL)
Feeling inspired to sew an outfit that reflects a painting that I love
Picturing my sis on a beach in Vietnam having her glasses nicked by a (very fashionforward) monkey
Laughing out loud at the memory of my brother working my bonkers glasses (he is a total sweetheart, and oddly pulled the glasses off better than I can)
Noticing the beautiful leaves on the trees on my way home when I remembered to lift my head and stop thinking about work
Making this list and realizing that this ordinary Tuesday has infact been a lovely Tuesday.
Tell me, what gave you joy today?

The outfit:
Dress, my design
Black dress worn as slip, my design
Wool bolero, Vero Moda
Various accessories
Booties, Nilson

xxx Anika
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