In full bloom – front to back

by byanika on 13/11/2010 · 22 comments

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Hi Sweethearts!
You know how some dresses make you feel va va voooooom?
This is one of those dresses for me.
(va va VOOM baby! LOL)
Thinking back to all those years I walked around feeling fat, ugly and crap makes
my joy of now being able to love my self and enjoy dressing up every day even stronger.
It`s not so much my body that has changed, it is my perspective on my self.
Every time I have a negative thought about my self I let it go and replace it with a supportive one.
Such hard work, totally worth it.
So here I am in all my glory (oh dear), in full bloom as it were.

The outfit:
Dress (Indiska) that I have reworked by wearing it with the back as the front. I wanted the rough detail of the zipper to show, and also I simply can`t zip it up HAHAHAH.
I added the belt from a miniskirt that I wear as a scarf. 
The scarf (H6M) is another miniskirt (of course :D). I love the golden snake fabric.
Owl earrings (Gina Tricot)
Huge purple ring (H&M)
Watch (Ice)
Leopard booties (Nilson)
Double chin (Ben & Jerrys LOL)

Thank you each and every one for your wonderful comments.
I take them all to heart and love surfing over to your lovely blogs. <3

xxx Anika
Ps. I am considering changing the commenting system to Disqus because it is very important to me to be able to answer each of your comments directly. Tell me, which system do you prefer?
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