Eccentric layering / bonkers look. It is a fine line

by byanika on 17/11/2010 · 18 comments

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Hi Sweethearts!
After reading your lovely comments, where several of you commented that only I could pull of a look like the one with the studded winter-jacket, it got me thinking:
Chic or crazy.
It`s a fine line, you know! :D
I have to say I am not always sure I am on the chic side of that line, and I have certainly had those
OMG-why didn`t someone put me in stable siderest as soon as I walked out the door in THAT outfit-moments,
but the truth of it is, I don`t care.
Chic, sure! Crazy, I`ll take that too. LOL
I don`t go out of my way to dress bonkers, it just happens. That is me being me (you can read that any way you like LOL). I don`t dress up to get noticed either, I dress up for my own pleasure of it.
And also, I only own dresses, and am therefore always overdressed.
It is more fun this way, and if all else fails I am betting on my charm to get me through. Hahahhahahah :D

The outfit:
Dress, my design
Bolero, cut from a dress from H&M (I loved my other one so much I couldn`t touch it, so had to buy a second dress to make this bolero. The rest is a scarf, for now :D)
Scarf, dress used as scarf (It was a maxidress that I reworked from H&M)
Leopard bonnet and big purple ring, H&M
Watch, Ice
Leopard booties, Nilson

Tell me, do you ever flirt with crazy-chic?

xxx Anika¨
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