I am forever reworking my bouqet of dresses

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Hi sweethearts!
I am a firm believer that we only get as much fun as we create for ourselves,
 daring to be relaxed about our selves, silly and
open for the humour in any given moment :D
I approach my wardrobe with the same attitude;
I only get as many dresses as I can come up with! LOL
I am forever sewing and reworking my dresses.
These are some of the dresses that I have given new lives before
and problably will change again and again.
The white ruffled dress
This dress was one of my personal breakthroughs in terms of defining what I can wear and not.
That definition was blown wide open when I picked my shamed self up
from the dressing room floor (when the dress sized XL didn`t fit)
and walked out of the store with two matching dresses,
determined that I was going to wear the beautiful white frills no matter what.
I made a dress from the two dresses, and here is the skirt of that dress in
the various combinations I have sewed so far.

The grey sequined T

I love grey and I love sequins, so when I picked up this t at a sale I knew I could have some fun with it.
Above are my two spins on it so far. Now it is waiting for the next idea in my treasure box of fabrics.
The coat-dress

I found this coat at H&M in London a few years back and loved it so much I wore it as a dress, before I started adding different tops to it. It is super comfortable to wear.
The brown dress

Mixing and matching my skirts and tops makes for so many options!
This is my latest take on my brown dress, with snakeprint and studs from a bag.

The wrap around dress
I fell in love with the silky printed fabric of
this wrap around dress that I bought at Noa Noa in Dublin two years ago.
The wrap around-thing didn`t work for me though, so I chopped it up, turned it back to front,  and sewed it back toghether, using the sleeves for the back of the dress.
For summer the short sleeved- t was perfect, but when autumn came I replaced it with a t with longer sleeves and leather sequins on the shoulder.
The snake dress
I made this dress from a scarf. It was the first printed dress I wore, and I loved it
so much I basically only wear printed ones now. But you might have noticed that already LOL.
Anyways, this dress doesn`t exist anymore, I have reworked it, will show you later :)
Tell me, do you also rework your clothes?
xx Anika
ps, be sure to leave me a link when you comment so that I can visit you :)
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