Dressing up for the moments that really matter

by byanika on 06/12/2010 · 4 comments

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Hi Sweethearts!
This weekend I sewed four dresses LOL.
This is me at work today in one of them.
I love dressing up,
each and every day.
For me, dressing up is about taking care of my self,
about respecting my self, and about trying to be present
and make the most of all of these moments
that pass by so fleetingly,
all of the small moments that in total are my
They matter, you know. Each one of those moments.
We might as well make the most of them, no?

The dress I made from a top that I wear backwards, and fabric left over from two other dresses.
I love the combination of the colours, and I love the sound of the silky dress
swooshing as I sway my curves walking LOL
(might as well put these not-so-understated-hips to good use, cause I
sure can`t seem to get rid of them HAHAHHA)
(I haven`t really tried very hard to minimize them, in all honesty.)
(In fact I have cultivated them, shall we say,
by keeping my sneakers nicely wrapped in their box and enjoying
a generous banana split every now and often hahahhaha.
Remember, it`s all about making the most of those moments that add to my figure too ;D )

Tell me, do you save dressing up for the special days,
or do you make every day special?

xxx Anika
Speaking of exiting moments, on February 5th I`ll be in London, enjoying the fab company of
some wonderful bloggers, thanks to Lauren of Pocket Rocket who is organizing a blogger meet-up!
Want to come meet me?
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