Tribal prints. Sequins. Stripes. Feathers. I`ve been shopping. In my closet!

by byanika on 07/12/2010 · 4 comments

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Hi sweethearts!
Remember how I told you before that I only keep stuff in my wardrobe that I
absolutely love?
Since adopting this approach to my clothes my days of
what-the-f-to-put-on-and-feel-fab-when-I-only-have-clothes-that-don`t fit-days
don`t come around that much. I am happier for it.
Now I have made my closet into my
colourful, shiny and inviting candy box, my personal boutique!
Sometimes I lie awake at night thinking about all the
possible ways to combine my dresses and boleros and accessories into
fab outfits.
Ah, so many dresses, so little time. LOL
Know the feeling?

The outfit:
The dress is my design (top from H&M, yes, I am fat and in horizontal stripes lol, the belt is the
lining of a leather belt a friend of mine discarded)
The bolero is cut from a tunica from H&M that I made a dress with, before I got tired of it
The tribal scarf from H&M had my name on it, I love the burnt tones of it with a pop of dusty turqoise
The feather from H&M is for the hair, but I`ll wear it anywhere :)
The rest you have seen before, they are my staple accessories these days.

Tell me, do you also go shopping in your closet and get creative mixing your clothes?

xxx Anika
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