My inner monolouge says… that is a lot of print!

by byanika on 11/12/2010 · 2 comments

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Hi sweethearts!
Thank you all so much for reading and commenting!
I am a firm believer that our thoughts can help us define how we feel,
making our inner monolouge a powerful tool to use
in terms of our perspective on our selves and
the lives we lead.
To have power brings the responsibility of using it wisely,
even when the power in question is that of my own
perception of my self.
My inner monolouge used to put me down, critisize my weight and highlight my mistakes 24-7.
I have taken the power over my inner monolouge,
and now the record that is playing in my head says:
Yes, you can.
Don`t worry.
It turns out my inner monolouge is right,
be it facing the challenges in my life, laughing at my own jokes, asking you to be my friends
or wearing any prints I damned well please.
Can you relate?

The outfit:
Leopard dress by H&M that I have reworked (and is the dress I feel the best about my body in LOL, pretty incredible seing as how it is anything but discreet)
Bolero/jacket that I cut from a dress by Gina Tricot that only fit nicely over one buttock at a time before I
used the top of it for a few dresses until this morning when I got my scissors out
Scarf is a dress that I forget where I got that I now am resewing
The shoes are untouched by my hands LOL
The bracelet I sewed from a sequin scarf
Tell me, what record do you have your inner monolouge playing?

xxx Anika
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