Taupe / blue leopard /snake-covered hourglass – hips, tummy, positive attitude and all!

by byanika on 13/12/2010 · 3 comments

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Hi Sweethearts!
I sewed this figure-hugging dress yesterday,
and with my improved inner monolouge saying
 “Yes I can tell you that I like my shape without being too unabashed” (lol),
I don`t mind telling you that I love the way it follows my hourglassy curves.
It is all a part of this self-bloody-well-rejoycing-project/
succumbing to the fact that these hips and my tum tum ain`t going nowhere but horizontal, so
I might as well get on with making the most of it all.
(To be fair my hips and tummy are very handy for getting bus-seats to my self,
or even getting a seat when the bus is full. You know, when people very graciously offer their seats to me
thinking that I am preggers, and me, not wanting to embarass any of us further graciously
say thank you, hold the small of my back and wiggle my self into the flippin`seat, leaving
the helpful passenger feeling quite the gent and me quite the fattie.
Ever had one of those moments?
All I am saying is,
don`t knock it, just enjoy the seat.
I always try to make the best of what I am handed,
so in life and in fashion alike I am a true believer that knowing our selves is key.
Know your self!
(3 things I know about my self that I like: My sensitivity. My generousity. My sense of humour.)
Know your shape!
(3 things about my body that I like: My eyes. My hourglass shape. The girls. LOL)
I do really think it is all about the shape not the size in terms of what suits us fashionwise.
If I was 30 kilos lighter I would still wear the same shapes I do now.
In fact, it was when this finally hit home with me that I decided to stop waiting and wanting to be thin (which is as good seing as how I can`t even be bothered to unwrap the Zumba dvds I ordered, but am using the weights they included for booksupports, very handy lol) – and just get on with dressing up in colours and prints, finally having fun with my fashion!
I don`t ever want to put my self down again for not finding clothes that don`t fit me, screw that
Now I buy two dresses that don`t fit and make my own, and I bloody well wear white on bottom.
Damn right!

The outfit:
The dress I made from a taupe tee (H&M) and a dress that I had reworked a year ago. I like the ruffled detail of the back so much that I made the back of the dress the front. See, now you can`t really tell if that is my tummy or the ruffles :). Ok, maybe you can tell, but nevermind :D
The bolero is my design
Tell me, what do you know and like about your self?
xxx Anika
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