Winter roses / Kindness is always fashionable

by byanika on 26/12/2010 · 2 comments

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Hi Sweethearts!
It may be freezing outside, but I still want to enjoy my summer-dresses :)
Today I went for a rosy-leopard mix.
I haven`t been feeling very comfortable about my body lately,
but wanting to be kind to my self I refuse to hide my self,
I think roses and loud patterns accessorized with kind thoughts is better lol.
Speaking of kindness,
I want to give a warm and heartfelt thank you to my blogger friend
She is the most amazing person and blogger,
if you don`t know her blog already, surf over and be ready to have your
bloggerista-existence rocked with her must-reads.
She is wise, generous, so blogger-savvy and so supportive.
I was deeply honored to find that she mentioned me in two of her posts recently,
listing me as a blogger who is owning what is original about me and my blog,
and as one of the most kind bloggers of 2010.
I was so moved I cried happy tears.
I want all of you, my lovely readers, to know that your kindness moves me so,
every day.
I love you and am here for you,
my sweethearts.

The outfit:
Dress, my design
(I made it from a skirt I found in my mums basement, the waistband I made from shoelaces and studs from a neckless)
Cardigan, H&M (I cut it into shape, it was too long for my curvy frame)
Earrings, christmas gift from Alex
Sequined bracelet, my design
Feather, hairband, H&M
Love, Anika
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