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by byanika on 02/01/2011 · 4 comments

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Hi Sweethearts!
I want to wish you all, each and every one, a very happy new year!
May this be the year you go for your dreams and make even more of every moment. ?

As you know, my friends, I have worked long and hard to be my own best friend, to love and respect my self, not only support and encourage others, but my self as well. This process has been very much reflected in my fashion choices and in my confidence to throw caution and rules of dressing to the wind, leaving me with bonkers designs and wild combos, loving every one of my outfits and every moment in them.

One of the areas I haven`t dare to touch is my hair. I grew up receiving lots of compliments for my hair. Some of them were genuinely nice ones, others were harder to accept, like the times I was told that
Well, at least you have good hair, or a handsome face, or good personality” (all true, I now know HAHA) but, they left me with the impression that faced with a fat girl like me, it was a relief for the other person to console us both that I may be fat, but at least I had beautiful locks. What ever the intention of the compliments, for most of my life I was so low on self worth that I deduced that the only thing about me that was worthy and lovely was my hair. The first time I dyed my hair and it came out all black I had an anxeity attack. I knew then that I still had some work to do on redefining my self worth and idea about my own beauty.

?A few days ago when I was trimming my split ends with a pair of kitchen scissors (very bad of me I know LOL) I got to thinking about this, and as I started cutting my hair I realized that it was only hair and that I would still be me, I would still be ok if I cut it, nevermind that I am fat, nevermind that it might not come out ok, nevermind all that. So I set off chopping, my self worth intact, simply playing around with my look.

It might seem like a small thing, but for me it was a massive event. I am free of yet another preconceived notion about my self. Now I can look forward to my hair growing back and to enjoying my locks even more.

Can you relate lovlies? 
I sewed a couple of dresses yesterday, this is one of them. How is this for loud?! It feels delightful on :D
I found the material in my mothers basement, and mixed it today with my fave leopard dress from H&M. The lovely earrings were a gift from a much loved friend. ?Shoes, Nilson. Ring and clips, H&M. Watch, Nilson.
Love, Anika
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