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by byanika on 22/01/2011 · 46 comments

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Hi Sweethearts!

I sewed this dress last night, what do you think? It is the first time I am in a pink dress since my wedding day (I designed a blush pink silk dress for the big day. Pink, you say? Indeed. I am honest lol).

I made the dress using to skirts size 6 that I found at H&M. I love the pattern, so true to form I didn`t think, oh I can never wear those, it was more how can I make this work for me? The belt I made with fabric from an old skirt of my mums, I love sewing pieces that have a history to them, it makes it even more personal. Accessories by H&M, including the hairclips I used to adorn the girls lol. The scarf is one that my mum bought in Paris when we lived there thirty odd years ago. (OMG, I am growing up! Soon to turn 32, and loving it.)

I have to honestly say that this dress is one of my personal faves to date. I feel a lot more confident in my style nowadays, and I have you to thank for a lot of that confidence. You blow me away with your interest, support and warmth. <3!

Speaking of personal style, I need your input my friends. I have to describe my style (in fashion and life) for a feature, and I have been pondering how to describe it. How do you like Eclectic Chic? Any input and suggestions from you would be grately appreciated lovlies. <3

Tell me, how would you describe your own style in fashion and life?


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