Lighting up the dark in a wild winter mix

by byanika on 22/01/2011 · 20 comments

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 Leopard hat, H&M. Tribal scarf, Zara. Baby blues, mum & dad. Paisley scarf bought by mum in Paris 30 years ago. H&M jacket with studs I added from a bag.

Hi Sweethearts!

Thank you all so much for your love and support of my blog! You guys blow me away and make my life happier. <3

Dressing for the nordic cold is easier said than done. The cold makes for beautiful sunsets and funny Monthy Pytonesque walking styles, but it does make it challenging to marry practical with chic. For years I used to find that my outfits at winter were dull with a lack of personal touch. I felt so drab and invisible walking around in black coats that were as interesting as watching football (unless it is mens football and the shorts are short lol. I apologize to all footballfans out there. And to men in short shorts. Go ManU/Leeds! ehem. ).

I find that my fashion is a form of expression for me, same as with decorating my home. I find that I am uncomfortable with when my surroundings and clothes lack identity. I am aware that this might be a sign that I am very dominating, (to my husbond: this was not a question for you HAHA), but really it has to do with being all me. Hm. Is that two sides of the same story? lol. Oh dear.

I don`t know why I didn`t just apply the same principal to my winterdressing as I do with my dresses years ago; wild mixes, studs all over the place and as much pattern as I like, and as we all know, that is a lot of pattern lol. I mean, I might as well liven up the dark with some loud outfits.

So here I am on my way home from work today. Freezing and fierce! Ok, freezing and knackered, but at least I look like me. lol.

How do you stay true to your style when you also need to be practical? Do you stay chic even when hiking, like the fabulous Vahni?


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