Coming into focus in loud stripes and florals

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The dress is an H&M-maxi that I reworked by shortening it, widening the neckline a d adding the purple belt from a top I had lying around. I cut the bolero  from an  H&M tunique. The scarf and bangle are also H&M. The neckless is Accessories, the watch is ICE and the wegdes are Nilson.

Hi Sweethearts!

I have always had good sense of humour about my self (with rococco-style legs, a rather roaring and masculine sounding laugh and a nice vareity of tics as a teen I find it helps lol), and sometimes when I take in the full glory of my pattern mixing I can`t help but find it funny. Not funny in a self-ridiculing sort of way, but joyfully, recognizing that I feel free enough to wear what ever I want (finally! my hard work and growing pains are so worth it). Ok, and sometimes I laugh because I think the mixes are bonkers, but I don`t change my outfit like I used to before, no, I wear them outside the house and tell my self, I am dressing up for me and that is fine.

Sometimes I get in my own way, you know? Thinking that I can`t do something, am not worthy. Well, lovelies, those thoughts are usually untrue and basically rubbish. Can you relate? Sometimes I wonder if those fears really disguise my suspicion that I would acheive what it is I want, if I just put my mind to it.  When I understood this I started getting on with it, doing more of what brings me joy, dealing with my own success, owning it! Being invisible was easier, but I like my self so much more when I dare to stand out, not for the sake of grabbing the spotlight, but just because when we own ourselves we come into focus. And then we are seen, really seen.

Simply being me means that I sometimes feel like I am breaking the sound barrier with my outfits, and this outfit that I wore yesterday is a good example of that. Stripes, romantic florals and clashing colours all over the place? Yes! Can you see me now?

I love you my darling friends, each and every one. You are unique, and you move me so.


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