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Hi Sweethearts!

This weekend I flew to London for a whirlwind 48 hours of bliss; taking a break from everyday life, walking the streets just being, shopping, and meeting up with wonderful bloggeristas at the Plus Size Bloggers Meet. It felt like meeting old friends, and I was so happy to see them all I was literally jumping up and down, hugging them all and soaking up every moment. It is my 32nd birthday today, so going away was my birthday treat. And what a treat!

I felt happy. Thank you all for that! <3

For info about the meet and the kind sponsors go to www.pluslondon.tumblr.com

I loved making this post, reliving bonding with darling Nefferth and wonderful Katrin, having a ball with the funny and fab duo Polly and Donna, doing my walking the dog-dance (a must see, darlings) with Gaelle-Vanessa-ma cherie, doing a russian rendition of Norways winning song in the 2009 GP (Fairytale) with the bonkers and delightful Carla, giving lots of hugs to ever so sweet Lauren who pulled all of this together with lovely helpers, sharing sweet moments with the elegant Valerie, the precious Ragini, the oh so lovely Beth and the stunning Nadia  to name but a few. All you wonderful bloggers attending were a joy to share the day with. Sadly the lovely LaCara couldn`t make it at the last minute, but I thought of her the whole day.

I`ll let the pictures do the talking in this post.

We all met up at the Evans Flagship Store. It was my first time there. I am now deflowered.

Nefferth and I got lost :). I love getting lost, walking around becomes an adventure! We happened on this house (with the same colours as in my house lol) and realized that a Campbell had lived here! It must be a sign, not sure of what, but something good surely :). So, being a Campbell my self I had to get my pic taken here, and with the help of a nice police officer Nefferth and I got our pic taken as well.

Of course we all took pics of everything, all the time. This was a classic shot I feel lol.

The sensational and super nice Geoff and Diana of Fashion Loves Photos and The Second Floor Studio took our pics, and showed us how it is done when I turned the camera on them. Love it!


It was Georgina`s 21st birthday! I didn`t know, so happy belated birthday Georgina :)

Mid-photoshoot this guy walked into the shot. So funny!

Marie from Carmakoma flew in for the event, and she was as sweet as could be!

I am so glad I needed to sit down after mingeling with all of the fab ladies present. It gave me a perfect view of everyones shoes! lol.


Working Polly`s range of poses, very effective, no? Such a great night!

Bloggers all over the world, let`s meet up in Oslo next time? Vahni , Kristy and Bella, you hear me? ;D



Ps. Feel free to grab pics but please do link back to me. Need bigger pics? Email me at anikack@gmail.com. xx

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