A practical everyday look. No, really!

by byanika on 23/02/2011 · 33 comments

in blue,By Anika

 Hi Sweethearts!

This is about as practical as I get in terms of dressing for the cold. Dress with a slip for extra warmth, check.  Warm cardi with sequins for added insulation, check. Scarf, check. Heartwarming feathers, check. Bangle to warm up my puls, check. Pointy earrings to lead the cold away from my earlobes, check. Basically I don`t do practical. I just don`t want to! How is that for impractical defiance.

Basically I am in denial about where I live (Oslo, Norway). Also, I don`t ski (ok, I can make it down a hill if I have made it UP the hill, which is no easy feat, if I have finished reading Vouge on the side of the hill and if I pretend I am dancing flamenco while skiing). I should be inducted into the Department of Funny Walks (Monthy Python, darlings) and elevated to honorary member for all of my funny walks on icy sidewalks (I did a real tumble the other day, and found my self swearing in a mock Glasgow accent, I don`t know what that is about, could be my Scottish ancestry acting up). I wear the sleeves on my coat rolled up because it looks chic (not a good idea in minus 10 Celsius, but I do look good! Unless I just look utterly silly and vain.  I have to think about this. Ok, now I have thought about it, and I have decided that I probably do look silly, but seing as how I am supposedly a fashionista I don`t care.)

Moving on. I sewed this dress recently, the top and bottom have been several previous dresses, but for now they make up a comfy everyday dress. I am more daring now in terms of showing off my waist, not just going for the empire waist-look, and designing my dresses with stretchy waistbands (with fabric cut from T-shirts) are an easy way to make sure that the dress fits snuggly, with just the right amount of stretch for my hourglassy shape.

Tell me, do you also tailor your clothes and/or defy practicality? Ski much?


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