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Hi Sweethearts!

It may be snowy and cold outside, but Spring is in my heart, and now I want to enjoy my imaginary Spring through fashion! We have already established that I am in denial about where I live, so this seems like the next logical step don`t you think? I agree.

Welcome to my series: Spring is in my heart! Every week I will sew a dress that inspired by my favourite trends for Spring.

This week nude is in my heart. I love this sheer trend, it can be etheral or egdy. Either way the nude trend is all about letting your beauty speak for it self.

Chloe. J. Mendel. Chloe. Valentino (http://style.com)


For me going nude was my most challenging trend yet. I love swimming in the nude, but dressing nude?

Wearing this dress gave me a nice chance to take a walk outside my box, thank you very much. To really push my self I didn`t go for a pink tone in the fabric, instead I thought I`d see if I could get away with a yellow tone, something I have never worn before. After picturing it all in my mind I got to sewing the pleats. For the belt I went a bit rock and roll and used a belt I made last summer from shoe laces and studs from a bag. I like to use contrasts to avoid a sugary sweet look, I always prefer ugly-pretty, remember?

Here it is: 


 Peackock feathers by Indiska. Glass ring, glass clip by H&M. Wegdes by Nilson.


My previous challenges for spring were: 








I am happy to report that spring is making it`s sweet arrival here in Oslo, so for the grande finale of this series I need your help, sweethearts.

What would you like to see next week? White By Anika or Oriental Prints By Anika?

Kenzo. McQueen. (http://style.com)


Give me your input , and I will get out my needle and thread this weekend!



Would you like to contact me? I would love to connect with you!

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