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Hi Sweethearts! Welcome to the first Full Time Fabulous Community visual event! This first event is all about introducing our selves to you.

 Hi, I am Anika, I am a fighter, and I am so happy to see you.


I am your regular Norwegian/English woman of Scottish/French descent with a pinch of Turkish blood that landed nicely on my hips. I grew up a diplomat`s daughter commuting between Paris and Norway, and I have moved about ten times so far in my life. I have no idea where my home is except to say that I am European. I speak five languages, and at home my Bosnian husbond and I speak our own mix of Bosnian, English and Norwegian.

I have been dressing up all my life.

It has always been all about frocks, a flair for drama and a sunny disposition.

I started sewing my own clothes in response to not finding fab fashion that fit and made me feel good about my curves. I only wear dresses because I have given up on finding jeans that can handle and embrace my curves, if you get my drift. Now I sew and rework several dresses a week, and am working towards starting my own business, ByAnika. My wardrobe is ever changing with my growing self esteem.

In my home I only surround my self with what I love, and books are one of my great loves. I am always reading four books at once, disappearing into imaginary worlds,  quite the daydreamer . I want to dance as though no one is wathcing me! 


I am very passionate about interiour decorating, as with my fashion it is a form of expression for me. I sew most of my soft furnishings, and my pillows usually end up bags/dresses/lampshades. Growing up my mum had us painting our TV the same colours as the walls, so I learned early on that being playful is something to embrace. I love relaxing and blogging on our comfortable matrasses turned sofas. It is my own slice of bliss.

I am always going for walks, listening to bhangra/classical/hip hop/jazz. It is one of my fave ways of centering my self. I am always looking for the positive in any situation, looking for the unexpected beauty in any given moment. Walking home from work the other day, to broke to get the bus and in icy rain I decided the situation provided me with an opportunity to notice something new in my surroundings, and I was soon taking in the wall art along the highway. I felt grateful in that moment, the way that I give thanks many times a day. Perspective is a choice.


Give me a lovely coffee shop and a big city to explore and I will give you a wide grin.

I love Oslo. It is a small big city, but it has lots of charm, even late at night.

One of my fave places in Oslo is the amazing Vigeland park where the human experience is brought to life in the epic statues by Gustav Vigeland.

I love love love dancing. I always laugh out loud when I dance, because I feel so happy being one with the rythm, just being in the moment, shaking what my mama gave me.  I clean best when I am pissed off. I really should get angry more often.

I call my self a self worth activist because I am passionate about supporting your right and responsibility to feel good about YOU.  I choose to be honest with you about my own life because I now know that I have nothing to be ashamed of, and to show any one looking that you can survive, grow, move on and enjoy life. With hutspa!

Thank you so much to Kristy of Full Time Fabulous for creating the wonderful Full Time Fabulous Community!

Come join us, sweethearts!



Would you like to contact me? I would love to connect with you!

anikack@gmail.com   @AnikaByAnika   Facebook

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