On the power of my truth about my self

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Hi Sweethearts!

You know, the only constant thing about life is that it changes. I have been thinking a lot about determination lately, and what enables us to move forward in life when we have no guarantees, no insight as to what might be waiting for us around the next corner. For me it is all about my truth about my self. I view change and growth as a neccessity, as a goal in it self in addition to a way of living my life.

Moving forward usually means letting go of something, daring to be voulnerable, daring to be open. Moving forward can feel anything but safe. Still, I am not afraid to keep moving, to face my fears, to dream bigger. What does my truth about my self have to do with this, you say? My answer is, it has everything to do with it.

I used to own a truth about my self that I was unlovable, that I was ugly in every way, that I did not deserve respect, that the whispers inside me telling tales of happiness and fulfillment were powerless. And they were, until I grabbed hold of my self worth and ran with it. Slowly those whispers became loud screams, forcing me to let them out, to translate those whispers into action. For many years I let my truth about my self hold me back, I played it safe, I didn`t dare live the way my soul longed for, I didn`t dare be me.

I now live with a different truth about my self. When I receive love I accept it, knowing that I am lovable. When I want to wear colour I do, knowing that there is no need for me to hide. When I am treated with less then respect I speak up, because I respect my self. When I feel a fear I face it, knowing that I will be able to work through it. When I need to let go to move on I do, because I know I will survive.

When I observe my self I see that my actions affirm my self, where as before they limited me. Looking forward I have hope that I will keep creating and moving into new and lovely places in my life. I don`t know what my future brings, but I am ready for it.  It doesn`t get much bigger than that.

Tell me, what do your actions say about your truth about your self?

 The outfit: Maxidress that I reworked, Noa Noa. Khaki coat that I reworked into a cropped jacket, Kapp Ahl. Wegdes that I cut the front out of, Clarks . Earrings that I wear as a neckless, Indiska. Earrings that I wear as earrings, bangle and bag, H&M. Scarf that I want to make into a dress but try not to touch, Zara.



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