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Hi Sweethearts!

As you may have detected by now I like to dress up. I dress up each and every single day. You know who I dress up for? Me. You know why l dress up for me? Because I like to feel good, and I mean goooood!

I love feeling fierce walking down the street, in that “Yes, I do have a lovely butt that dances when I walk. Yes, I do have a lot of prints going on. Yes, I am ok with you looking at me. And no, I am not asking for your attention but I will wink back if you wink at me!”” -kind of way.  Know what I am talking about? (Vahni, I know you know where I am coming from!)

Do you know which song I play in my head as I am out walking?

The lyrics go something like this: “Shake your a**, watch your self, show me what you are working with!”

That`s right. The lyrics may not be politically correct, but who cares, it gives me ooommmppphh and the power to let go of what I can not change (my backside) as well as the power to change what I can (my estimation of my backside).

I felt really good in this outfit, I felt relaxed and confident as I was walking down town. Still, when I saw a glimpse of my self in a display window I had to take a deep breath and decide again that I am ok with looking the way I do. That`s the thing about self esteem, it is a choice, and it is a choice that I have to make again and again. Can you relate my lovelies?

The outfit: I sewed this dress from two H&M skirts that were size 6. Getting two was the only way I was going to get the skirt to fit. The jacket I reworked from a long coat by Kapp Ahl.  My mum bought this lovely clutch in Brighton when I was a child, and I wore it with a belt  as the strap. I customized the shoes from Clark by cutting ut the front of them. The bling and bonkers glasses are from H&M.

Tell me sweethearts, how do you go about working on your self esteem? Do you also have a favourite music that release your inner ooooomph? Let me know and I will compile a feel good list, by and for us! If you need some inspiration, send me a thought, get your dance moves ready and click this link to enjoy Mystikal.


Ps. I would like to thank the wonderful Colette of Statements In Fashion for featuring me today! I would love for you to surf over and take a peak.

Would you like to contact me? I would love to connect with you!   @AnikaByAnika   Facebook

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