Feeling happy in Brussels

by byanika on 26/04/2011 · 54 comments

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Hi Sweethearts!

You know that feeling of lightness that comes from being in the moment, just walking about, your dress blowing in the breeze, your mind filled with joy as you explore your surroundings? Having spent most of my life feeling exhausted and angstridden I take very little for granted, and I always make sure to make the most of each moment. I love meditating as I go for walks, and often feel inspired as I take in my surroundings. These moments are some of my happiest, especially when I am exploring a lovely city.

If you follow me on twitter or facebook you know that I spent most of last week in the lovely Brussels. I went to stay with my darling brother Thomas as a birthday present for his 30th. (Yes, I said it, but Thomas, you have never looked better). He was very good about me being his birthday present, bless him.

I also had the pleasure of spending time with the georgeous Nefferth of Mode Plus, who I first met at the London Plus Meet, but have considered a dear friend since before we met. We had such a lovely time, bringing some curvy fun to Brussels. We started our weekend toghether by sitting down for coffee at a restaurant, and when we looked up and saw that the restaurant was called Big Mama (!!) I knew it was meant to be.

A photo shoot mid rainstorm! I love it when it starts raining cats and dogs, it is an exellent opportunity to do my rain dance and bellow Geronimooooooooo! (Don`t ask, it is a familiy tradition, thanks to my zest for life-mum).

Emergency sandals. You know what I am talking about.

Brussels is lovely. This is my take on it. Kim and Val, do you reckognize the pics?

I love you Thomas. I know you are man enough to handle your big sis professing her love for you here as well. I will be nice about it though, and not go into how much I love the glasses I helped you pick out and how handsome you are and how much you look like me.




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