Vintage ByAnika: To be cast into a mixmatch of the most perplexing prints and emerge victoriously

by byanika on 04/05/2011 · 36 comments

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Hi Sweethearts!
The beautiful bloggerista of The Merry Traveller paid me the most wonderful compliment recently, she had me laughing out loud when I read this:
“You my dear can be cast in a mix match of the most perplexing prints and emerge a victorious and gorgeous being! Kudos!”
Looking at this outfit that I wore a few days ago I see that she does has a point about the perplexing prints! You know me, I am such a thinker with a sensitive heart, always observing and pondering the big and small things of life. It struck me that her comment also applies the human experience. 
Surviving, getting by, living, redefining, overcoming, growing, really feeling, really being present in our lives.  My own growth is mirrored in my fashion.
For most of my life I have battled depression and anxeity beacuse of things that happened to me growing up. For over twenty years I was so deeply ashamed of my self, wanting to remove my self all together, believing that I was a burden to others, that just looking at me discusted others. I cloaked my self in black skirts that dragged on the ground, wore clothes that hid my body, walking around grieving my uglyness and shortcomings inside and out.
I still have those thoughts sometimes, but as you know, this is not what is prominent about me these days. I have fought long and hard, still am, to get to a state of self love, self acceptance, dignity.
I am emerging, I am done apologizing for being me, I am celebrating my self with my fashion  – colours, prints, figurehugging dresses and all. I am a self worth activist, fiercly standing up for all of our right to define ourselves by own standards, both in my professional life and blogger-life. 
The outfit: I designed the dress my self.  I combined the top with a belt taken from a miniskirt (H&M) that I wear as a scarf, but that is growing smaller in size lol. I layered the dress with my olive leopard number (H&M and reworked by me), a tribal print scarf (Zara), feather, ring and hairband (H&M) and leopard booties (Nilson).


I was cast into a perplexing mix of obstacles, and I am emerging victoriosly. Didn`t think I would see this day.
Sweethearts, I want to thank you each and every one for reading my blog, for commenting, for becoming my friends. You are impacting my life in a tangible and beautiful way. I love you.




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