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by byanika on 05/05/2011 · 89 comments

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 Hi Sweethearts!

Welcome to the second Full Time Fabulous Community event, created by the wonderful Kristy. The theme for this month is spring, which in the words of Kristy “is a transitional season. Ideas like trying new things, stepping outside your comfort zone, challenging yourself are all themes that are playing a big role in the current fashion season”.

Well sweethearts, can you guess which faux pas I am guilty of today?

That`s right. That right there is a blatant violation of the fashion rules. In full public display.

I am wearing horizontal stripes. With the lighter colours on top. And the lightest colour on the biggest part of my body. Read`em and weep, baby!

According to the people in the know I am not supposed to wear horizontal stripes seing as how I am curvy all over the place. To make matters worse the real offence is that the lightest stripe is highlighting my hips and bottom, which probably should be tucked away nicely in spandex, but insted are doing a dance of their own, compelling the sweet Ofelia to name me a honorary latina-sister.

I am breaking the rules, and I don`t care. It is spring! I get to own my own worth! I am dancing when everyone is looking, I am colouring outside the lines and I am having dessert first thank you very much. (Pass the brownies. Now.)

The thing about challenging my self is that I am always challenging my self (it is so involved being me).

It is a hassle sometimes you know? Next I guess I will have to take my celebration of my curves to the next level by stepping out in pants and a cropped top. Hold the phone!

The last time I bared my bottom (no funny ideas, especially you Stephanie. Ok, go on, share your funny ideas with me, you know you want to, and you know I want you to, too) it was a major event. I kid you not, it was the talk of the town, much like the buzz an unexpected and somewhat bewildering event of that proportian would generate. (The Trump is running for president, you say? My wearing pants in public-episode tops that, no problem).

I jest, but tell me, can you relate to the slight strain that can come with stepping outside the box, be it inspired by spring or other events in you life?

The outfit: Dress ByAnika (It is a top from H&M that I reworked and added black material to). Bling and scarf, H&M. Leopard wegdes, Nilson. Mysterious gaze thanks to the sun.

While we are on the subject of stripes I must share with you one of my fave songs of all time, written by the gloriously unapologetic Dolly Parton, here performed in a gut wrencing rendition by the glorious White Stripes.

This my friends, is Jolene.

If you would like to know me better let`s meet over at my first FTFC post: Home is where the heart is. 

Would you like to join the FTF Community? Get ready to get a lot of new friends!

A big thank you goes to the wonderful Vanessa of My heart Blogged who did me the honour recently of featuring me at her wonderful blog. Thank you!

Remember how Kristy said spring is about transition? I am in transition. I don`t always know where the lines are, but I do know I love colouring. And, I love colouring with you, my lovely sweethearts.


Would you like to contact me? I would love to connect with you!

anikack@gmail.com   @AnikaByAnika   Facebook

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