The art of not feeling threatened by the beauty of others

by byanika on 20/05/2011 · 146 comments

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Hi Sweethearts!

Have you noticed all of the beautiful women around you?

I love people-watching, but what I love the most is women-watching.

I take such pleasure in the beauty of other women. I love looking at them, and you know, there is something beautiful about each and every woman, so that makes for a lot of gazing in a non stalkerish manner. That said, I do stop women in the street to compliment them. Have you ever done that?

  I was sitting on the tram the other day, thinking about the women I saw around me and about me watching them. Or more to the point, I was thinking about what I am thinking while watching beautiful women.

There was a time when I felt threatened by beautiful women. I would spend my time perfecting an inner dialouge that went something like this:

“Oh, look at her. She is stunning. I am not and will never be that stunning/elegant/ thin/ well dressed. ” In that moment I very efficiently objectified us both, reducing the woman I was comparing my self to too a one dimentional picture of perfection, while reducing myself to a below par human being.  That right there is disrespect done beautifully.

As my selfesteem grew I began challenging my notions of my self and others, questioning my perspective, examining my frame of mind. This negative inner dialouge I had going on about my self and my fellow sisters did not make the cut.

The outfit: Discreet zebra tuniqa by H&M, I added the black hem at the bottom. Bling by H&M. Sandals by Skopunkten.

When I see beautiful women today I feel happy, blessed to be able to enjoy her beauty, and aware that there is always more to a person than what meets the eye.

When I see a beautiful woman today I pray that she sees her own beauty.

Sweethearts, you are all so very beautiful. Thank you for being just who you are. I hope you know how lovely you are. I love you.



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