How to feel va va voom in a scarf turned dress

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Hi Sweethearts!

The other day I sewed this dress from a scarf. If you think you have seen me in a snake scarf turned dress before you are absolutely right. I did sew one a year ago, but that dress does not exist anymore. You know me, my scarves are always being transformed into dresses/curtains/turbans/pillows/corsets/shoelaces. I`ve been missing my snake dress so much I decided to make another one!

As I was getting creative with my scarf I got to thinking. Perhaps you would like a little inspiration on how to be your own designer, and feel fabulous while creating your own dresses?


How to feel va va voom in a scarf turned dress:


1. Get a scarf that you love so much you start accessorizing it immediately.

If the scarf is not wide enough, get two, and sew them toghether, making a rectangle. I get two all of the time, accommodating my hips that I have learned to think of as a blessing (they make it very easy to dance belly dancing in a way that leaves a lasting impact).

2. Fold your rectangular scarf in two.

Make sure you fold the rectangle so that you get one shorter closed side, one shorter open side and two longer open sides.

3. Sew the two sides of the rectangle, starting from the bottom.

I sew all of my dresses by hand. If you like to use a sewing macing it might be a good idea to stich by hand before you whip out your machine.

4. Leave room for your sleeves.

If you feel unsure of when to stop sewing, use a dress that you already own to measure out where your sleeves should be.

5. Create the neckline


Fold the rectangle that is now stiched toghether on eather long side in two, sleeve to sleeve. Cut a slit from the fold on both sides. The slit should be about the length of your hand on both sides of the fold.

6. Open up the neckline

Unfold the rectangle and cut a horizontal slit, cutting towards the hemline.  Only cut it long enough for you to be able to slide the dress over your head, you can always widen your neckline later when you try it on.

7. Admire the beginnings of your dress

Put your stiched rectangle on and marvel at how it is beginning to resemble a dress.

8. Figure out how to take the dress from drab to fab.

Self doubt is mandatory in any creative process. It might go something like this: How the flying fig am I going to save this shapeless piece of fabric from it`s frustratingly unflattering shape?

9. Infuse your self with your own fabulousness.

Escape the previous moment by stopping to reckognize how fabulous you are. Because you are. YOU are single handedly designing a dress! This bloody scarf will not defeit you!

10. Tailor your dress to your fantastic shape.

Having reveled in your own fabulousness, you should now be ready to really get creative. This is when you check your self out in the mirror (how YOU doin`?) (damned fine, thanks for asking), and start playing around with the shape of your dress. Do you need to adjust the neckline? Do you want to add a belt? Do you need to take the dress in a little? Love your shape and let the dress woo your wonderful figure.

11. Add the ooomph to your dress.

Now that you have got the shape of your dress just right (after a lot of swearing if you are anything like me), it is time to have fun with adding that chutzpah that is your personal touch. Embellishing the neckline, perhaps? Adding a pop of colour to the hemline? I chose to do just that, cutting off the hem from one of my dresses and adding it to my snake marvel.

12. Own the va va voom.

YES. You have created your very own piece of fabulousness! You may have discarded a few scarves in the process, but you did not give up, and you are ready to get dolled up in your original creation, designed by you, infused with so much self worth it is sure to become your feel good dress.

Va. Va. VOOM!

If you would like to accessorize your soultry dress with a bolero it just so happens I have the tutorial for you. Welcome to my “You can design it, too!”-Bolero Bonanza!

If any of you sweethearts actually create a piece using one of my tutorials please let me know, and get ready to see your fabulousness featured here chez moi.

I love you guys!

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