A humble note on manifesting love and gratitude

by byanika on 15/06/2011 · 39 comments

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Hi Sweethearts.

Do you know the definition of gratitude? I looked it up:

Gratitude; thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive.

You know, I belive and live by the notion that my intention and truth about my self is what I manifest in my life. Gratitude plays a huge part in my life. I feel grateful many times each day, because I choose to. Gratitude is not something I feel and focus on because it is easy, but because it makes walking through my hardships meaningful. I am always recentering my self, checking with my self that my intentions are good and that my inner dialouge about my self is an honest and healthy one.

As far as I am concerned gratitude and love are intertwined, I can not feel one with out feeling the other. I wrote you a love letter and you answered me with a love so massive that I am speachless. Vahni quoting me in the Links à La Mode and all of your kind comments blew me away. Each word, each tweet, each loving thought you send me, I feel them all. I feel you and I keep you in my heart.

At this moment I am the happiest in my self that I have ever been. I have survived abuse, I have reclaimed my self, I am not apologizing for existing any more, and I am surviving the heartbreak of letting go of the biggest love of my life. I am grateful for each moment, but I have realized that letting go also is a part of loving my self enough to not compromize on who I am.  Yesterday I shared this on Twitter and was blown away again by the outpouring of love you gave me. I dared to be voulnerable and ask for support, and you had my back. That moves me so.

I am spreading the love in my life and in the bloggersphere as fiercly as I can, this you know. What I did not expect was to have it reciprocated. You are sharing your personal experiences with me via e-mail and comments, you feature me, you pay attention to me. Sweet mother, you guys are a force to be reckoned with!

I have been given blog awards recently by Els and Rocquelle, and I am very grateful. I shan`t be passing them on to a few of you wonderful bloggers, I want to pass them on to all of you.

The awards ask that I share a few things about my self that you don`t already know. Ask me to share and I will.

I am a singer. I sing. What do I sing, you wonder? What else? Soul.

Up until two years ago I didn`t like leopard print.

When I set up my clothing company ByAnika I intend to sell blinged out walkers to go with the fab heels.

My hair went grey at 25. After having a complete melt down (growing up I thought my hair was the only beautiful thing about me), I found a hair colour that matched my own and got on with it.

I don`t drink alchohol, but people tend to think I am drunk at parties. The wild dancing and inappropriate jokes might have something to do with that.

I hug trees. I always keep it decent, though.

Today a man stopped me in the street and said he felt that I was very soulful, that I had lived a lot of heartbreak, but that now happiness was waiting for me. The lucky stone he gave me turned out to be a painted ball of wood, but I am choosing to take his words to heart anyway. Who cares if he was trying to get into my pants, I like feeling that good things are on their way.

Tell me sweethearts, what are you manifesting in your lives?


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