Sexy is a state of mind

by byanika on 17/06/2011 · 82 comments

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Hi sweethearts!

There was a time when I felt that I needed to dress in an overtly sexual way to be sexy. Now I know that sexy is a state of mind.

Knowing my self is sexy. Being in the moment is sexy. Bravery is sexy. Dancing is sexy. Walking with oooomph is sexy. Sharing my emotions is sexy. Humour about my self is sexy. Asking for what I want is sexy. Not apologizing for who I am is sexy.

I have found that I love wearing clothes that are relaxed, that are flowy and not necessarily figure hugging. I wear clothes that hightlight me.

Lord knows I have been blessed with curves all over the place (watch me walk and I will give you a symphony of curves in motion), and I do feel comfortable and va va voom in that grown up x-rated-cherub-sort of way, but I know that I don`t need curves to be sexy.

Look into my eyes, read my truth about my self, and you will find a passionate and self aware woman with a zest for life. Call out for la bomba and I will answer you.

I sometimes loose the moment of being fully present though and break into laughter about my self, feeling shy. I have learned not to let this bother me, sweet can be sexy too.

Do you know what turns me on?

Confidence. Honesty. Depth. Playfulness. Intensity. And big hands.

The outfit: I sewed this dress from a scarf and pieces of dresses. The neckless, earrings and bling is Top Shop and H&M.

Tell me sweethearts, what makes you feel sexy?



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