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Hi sweethearts! 

Last summer I started my Spreading the love-series where I feature lovely bloggers of all sizes. I started this series as a response to some of the drama going on in the blogosphere about what women are real and not. It was important to me to actively do something, to be clear on where I stand in my life, on and off line. I welcome all people in my life and in my blog. All I ask that we be respectful of each other.  

I am a self worth activist, supportive of everyones right to define their own worth and use what ever labels on them selves they choose, be that fat, curvy or straight sized, homosexual, heterosexual or transgendered. It is not the label I am interested in, my focus is the person. I have chosen to ask everyone I feature the same questions, regardless of their amount of followers and size, something that has caused some controversy, but that is ok. I welcome dialouge, that is what expands our horizons, love and understanding of each other. You can read my manifesto on self worth here: “Who gets to label my self worth? I do!” 

Today it is my great pleasure to spread the love for the fantastic Bella of One Sister`s Rant. Bella is easily one of the funniest women in the blogosphere. She has me laughing to the point of tears on a regular basis, but it does not stop there, Bella always gives me food for thought. Funny and intelligent, oh yes, come to mama.

Thank you so much for being such an inspiration, Bella!

Could you share with us your thoughts on fashion vs fatshion?

First of all, I would like to say that I don’t have a fashion blog. My blog is humorous, or so I hope, and it chronicles my personal observations of things, events, situations, and people. That said, I am quite the stalker of fashion blogs, which I find to be not only inspirational, but also an excellent way for fashionably challenged women like myself to get ideas of how and what to wear. Personally, I feel the terms fashion and fatshion are synonymous. This because fashion is fashion. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a thin woman wearing a trend, or a curvy one. I feel that while we continue to make a distinction between both terms, women will not come to embrace fashion without reservations.

What is your philosophy with regard to fashion?

I think fashion is just another form of self expression; a way for individuals to project how they see themselves. People shouldn’t have to feel that they have to follow any set of fashion rules when selecting clothes items. You should be able to celebrate your shape and form by wearing what you like, and what makes you feel good.

Gerry. Mrs. Allnut. Dee.

I would love for you to share three of your fave looks.

I wish I could tell you I have different looks, but the reality is that I’m a “work in progress.”  In the past I’ve relied on a wardrobe consisting mainly of black clothes. However, I am now taking “baby steps” to incorporate color, animal prints, and different textures into my wardrobe. Thankfully, I look to the many different fashion bloggers whom I admire for inspiration and guidance. And it’s thanks to them that I have a “real” image of what fashion consists of. There are three ladies whose fashion sense I greatly admire. These fashion divas embody everything I consider fashion to be.  I’ve even admitted to them that I would gladly raid their closets! They include: Gerry of Big Beautyful Mess, Dee of The Merry Traveller, and Señora Allnut of Señora Allnut (fashion & stuff). These ladies have a terrific sense of style, they project confidence, and every outfit they post, I find myself saying, “I would so wear that!” Other bloggers I look to for inspiration include Lilli of Frocks and Frou Frou, Louise from Coffee and a Cardigan, and Anika from By Anika.

How does blogging impact your life?

When I started to blog, I thought it would be a good way to exercise my creativity; to allow me to explore my imagination and share it with whoever cared to read my posts. However, during this past year I’ve come to realize that blogging has become an essential part of my routine. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I’m able to write a post and see that it’s well received by my readers. Blogging has also allowed me to “meet” extremely interesting and talented people who inspire me on a daily basis.

Do you have a message for all the fashionloving ladies/gentlemen out there, whatever their size?

Life is too short to spend worrying on what others may or may not think of you. Instead, live in the here and the now, laugh often, and love and accept yourself unconditionally. You are beautiful.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Thank you so much my darling Bella!

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