Closet check: Do your clothes make you feel good about your self?

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Hi Sweethearts!

Have you ever walked into a clothes store only to have the shop girl helpfully point out to you that nothing in the shop is likely to fit you? I have.

I experienced a personal breakthrough a few years ago when I tried on a white frilly dress sized XL that did not fit, proving the shop girl right. I felt humiliated, ashamed, belittled and completely imperfect. Standing there in the dressing room, looking at my deflated self in the mirror I made a choice. 

I promised my self that I would never accept shaming my self ever again.

So,  I picked my self up from the dressing room floor and walked out of the store with two matching dresses, exhausted but determined that I was going to wear the beautiful white frills no matter what, hips and tummy and all, even if it meant sewing a new dress from the two. 

What had finally dawned on me was this: If the dress doesn`t fit it`s not me that needs changing -it`s the dress. Can I get an AMEN?!

I then decided to take this defiant I-will-not-be-belittled-by-clothes-approach one step further. I took it home. Think about it. When you open your closet, how do you feel looking at your clothes?

If my dresses don`t make me feel A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. about my self, they go. If I feel I need to hold my tummy in when wearing a dress, it goes. If a dress might fit if I only loose some weight, it goes. If the colour of a dress doesn`t work on me, it goes.

This approach to my clothes has made dressing up a lot more fun, and you know how much I love to dress up.

These dresses are some of my best friends at the moment. Each one of them love me, my curves, my imperfections, my humor, my personality.  My closet feels like a lovely box of sweets that make me feel good about who I am today. Each one is designed or reworked by me, each one is Eclectic Chic with Sass and Soul.

Tell me sweethearts, what do your clothes to reflect back to you?


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