On Freudian slips and my guilty pleasure

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Hi Sweethearts!

The lovely bloggeristas Gigi and Anna have very kindly given me blogger awards and I am very grateful. As always I shan`t be passing them on to a few of you wonderful bloggers, I want to pass them on to all of you.

Thank you all for all of the effort you put into your blogging. 

Please know that you are appreciated!  

I am blowing you all kisses.

Mwuah! Mwuah! Mwuah! Mwuah! Mwuah!

The awards ask that I complete some sentences. Is it only me or does this make you think of Freudian drawings that are dubious and ment to give insight into our soul based on our answers? If that is true it means that I have a mind that easily finds pleasure in suggestive humor. Oh. Wait. Moving on.

My favourite colour is any colour that makes me go yuuuuum! At home I am all about white/black/silver/grey, so much so that to handle having red and blue books I have had to colour coordinate my books. Want to borrow a book? Know what colour it is by any chance? In my fashion I am all about lot`s of fantastic colours. You know me, the more accepting of my self I have become the more colour I wear. Seems I am doing all right.

My favourite song is impossible to narrow down, because I love so many. Music is an integral part of me and I am always listening to music that get`s me grooving and really feeling the moment. As you know I like to shake my behind to rappers asking me to watch my self, but I love all kinds of music. Bhangra, African music, Bosnian music, Classical, I play it all loudly, and I enjoy it all. So much so that when I go to one of my fave cafès the best thing about the visit is going to to the restroom and doing my business arms lifted in the air, singing along with the fantastic Pavarotti. Try it my sweethearts, but remember to raise your arms, it adds a certain dignity to the situation I feel.

My favourite desert is anything chocolate. Come on. I worked hard for my curves, and give credit where credit is due. Ben & Jerrys Brownie Chocolate Ice cream, this one`s for you.

When I am upset I cry, swear, breathe, give thanks and move on.  

My favourite pet is my extensive collection of handbags.

Black or white? Honey, it`s all shades of grey to me.

My biggest fear I have overcome. I feared not being a worthy human being. I have fought long and hard for my self worth, and I am never giving it up again.

My best features are my sensitivity, my generousity, my sense of humour, my eyes and my rack.

My everyday attitude is how can I enjoy this very moment as much as possible?

My idea of perfection is us all, just the way we are. Look inside you, look around you. You`ll see it.

My guilty pleasure is allowing my self to live.

The outfit: The dress is my design, based on a top from H&M. The rest is H&M and Top Shop.

Sweethearts, I would love to hear your answers to these sentences, and remember, don`t hold back. I can take it and I don`t jugde.


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