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Hi Sweethearts!

In fashion -as well as in life- I take inspiration from everything and everyone around me. I am always ready for the next inspiring moment, be it going for walks enjoying the details of beautiful buildings, or crashing into lightpoles because I got so caught up in the detail of someones outfit that I forget to look where I am walking.

Inspiration is such a beautiful thing, it moves freely and makes life so much richer and more fun. To me inspiration is connected to sensitivity, to really see and be moved, and to then take the moment to the next level by connecting it to something in me and my life. To really be in a moment is one of the happiest experiences I can have, and because I always try to stay open I get to have a lot of these moments.

I had one of those moments when I saw Gwen Stefani on the cover of Elle Magazine. I fell in love with the whole package.

The olive/black/white-combination. I love this mix of colours.

Gwen looking fierce, empowered, non-apologetic. I felt inspired. I could relate.

This is my take on feeling fierce in olive, black and white.

How you doin`?

The stare I credit to my enrollment in my friend`s bitching scool. (I failed the first class, which was the sodd-off stare. I seem to confuse it with a come hither-look, or so I am told. ) 

The outfit: I sewed this dress from a scarf and pieces of some of my fave dresses. The bling you know, it is H&M and Top Shop.


One of my greatest inspirations for fashion is art.


This is my take on Flaming Jude.


Tell me sweethearts, what inspires you?


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