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Hi Sweethearts!

If you are a blogger you know the importance of having eye cathing and good photos grab the readers of your blog. Having blogged for a year and a half now I feel it is time for me to share my hard earned tips with you. Ok, fine, I have not actually been asked to share, but I can not hold my secrets to the art of posing secret any longer.

Ready? Let`s do this.  This is my humble take on how to get your poses just right:


Assume a natural looking position:



Do sexy:

When all else fails, let it rip:

Lessons from this masterclass?

The whole point of personal blogging is to keep it personal.

If I want  to see perfect, airbrushed pictures I`ll read mags.

When I visit your blogs I want to see YOU, just the way you are.

All I have to offer you is me.

The outfit: I sewed this dress this week, and have worn it every day since. A faux pas, I know, but I don`t care, I love the vibrant colours so much. Purple delights and bling are H&M.


If you would like to enjoy more photos of me failing gloriously at looking chic while posing there are some treats waiting for you on my Facebook page. 

Who needs perfection, sweethearts. Let`s keep it real!

Tell me, how do you deal with posing, and what do you like to see in terms of pictures when reading blogs?


Edit: I was asked by one of my readers for a proper tip on posing.

Here it is:

Feel it.

Dare to go for the moment, believe in your self, don`t hide.

The camera will love you.

What I do in all seriousness is that I try to find a pose that I feel comfortable and confident in. I move around a lot and allow my photographer to find the moment with me. I used to worry about not having perfect photos, but that I have let go of. I want my pictures to communicate something, rather than show a bland but perhaps more perfect version of me. Play with it, have fun, and send it through your eyes. It is all about the eyes.




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