Unleashing my inner tigress

by byanika on 27/08/2011 · 37 comments

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Hi Sweethearts!

Life is much like a safari in the wild. Have you noticed?

You know how I am a self worth activist blogging about my voyage towards my self, sharing how this voyage is mirrored in my fashion?

Well, I am at a point in my life where I feel so comfortable with who I am that  I am no longer holding back. I am wearing my hard earned confidence on my sleeve dresses. Literally.

I am a tigress.

The thing about finally feeling confident is, life is much more fun this way!

I laugh too loudly.

I tell inappropriate jokes and feel that I can get away with them.

I flirt if I want to.

I sway my hips when I walk.

I close my eyes when I am dancing in a club, not giving a flying fig how I look doing it.

I connect with new people on some level every day.

I dress bonkers.

I accept that life is messy.

I am determinated as hell.

I seize every possibility to have fun. And therefore I have lots of it! Finally.

The outfit: I sewed my tigress dress from a Zara scarf and black material that I also used for the back of the dress. Bling by H&M. Clark shoes that I customized for added whimsy.

I am Anika.


(There is a very nice hand gesture that goes with that life affirming Grrrr, and of course I look completely silly doing it. But, I don`t care. HA!)

Tell me my friends, how do you deal with the wilderness that is life?


 I would love to connect with you!

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